Silk Moth

Arcola Theatre, London
August 2019

Music by Bushra El-Turk, Liza Lim and Cassandra Miller
Libretto by Eleanor Knight

Conductor Kelly Lovelady
Director Heather Fairbairn
Designer Charlotte Henery
Lighting Designer Sean Gleason
Video Designer Sapphire Goss

A woman, alone, wrestles with the part she played in her daughter’s downfall. Is she vulnerable? Or complicit?

Bushra El-Turk‘s hard-hitting, contemporary opera Silk Moth is presented alongside Liza Lim’s The Hearts Ear and Cassandra Miller’s Bel Canto in a new production by London chamber orchestra Ruthless Jabiru.

A stellar cast of singers and conducted ensemble weave together Arabic and Western musical traditions, examining the complex tragedies of honour crime, family violence, and female (dis)empowerment in Britain and beyond.